Holiday Lights and Decor

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal
– Home Alone


Puerto Rico is my home – my beautiful little island – and I absolutely love it. But seeing as I live in a place that sports tropical weather year round, I don’t really have the privilege (yes, it’s a privilege) of experiencing sweater weather.


Horrifying, I know. But I like to think that I’m a girl who keeps up with the seasons, and so this year I decided to give my room a little makeover for the “winter”. Yes, it’s true that I probably can’t go crazy with the cozy blankets and the fur slippers unless I want to hopelessly melt into oblivion, but string lights and Santa hats never hurt anyone, ya know? Problem solved.

So today I turned up the Christmas music, grabbed a cup of coffee, put on my Santa hat, and swapped the room decor I had during these last couple of months with something a little bit more festive and fit for the holidays. Christmas, come and get it.

Until next time,


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