Morning Routine | New Year

Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable
– Mary Oliver

———- ❤︎ ———-

Ask me what my favorite time of the day is and I will tell you without hesitation that it’s the morning. It is on those early hours of the day when I feel my most creative and productive and it is that ‘make it-or-break it‘ time that can set the tone for my entire day. 

I thus have never been one to wake up 20 minutes before I have to head out the door, rushing and hustling and forced to skip breakfast. That’s never been me, not even on the days I had 8 AM classes in college (freeeeaaaakkk). This is mainly because I have found that having a proper morning routine can prepare me for whatever will be coming my way on the daily.

I have been taking night classes since August, and because of this, my mornings (and whole entire day) are basically free. This schedule just lead me to sleep in and have very unproductive days last semester, something I am looking to change during the new year. Just another one of my many resolutions I suppose. So far, so great.

This is the morning routine I have been following lately — waking up early and completing these few tasks before my day starts leaves me feeling accomplished and energized even before my day has truly begun. Enjoy!

———- ❤︎ ———-

Wake Up


I have been making the effort to wake up relatively early after my five-week long winter break during which I got to sleep in until whenever I pleased. It surprisingly has not been too hard, and I find that waking up at the same time every day (yes — even on weekends) has helped revamp my internal clock immensely.

After my alarm goes off, I will usually check my phone, lay in bed for a few minutes, and do some light stretches before I roll out of bed.

Open le Blinds & Make le Bed


Pardon my French? The first thing I do after getting out of bed is open the blinds so I can let some sunshine in. I then make my bed, because a) doing so prevents me from curling back up in it and b) it makes me feel like an adult and like my life is put together. Simple.

Then I make my way into the bathroom to wash my face/brush my teeth/attempt to slightly look like a human being again. You know, the usual.

Breakfast & Caffeine


I then go into the kitchen to make myself breakfast, which I am usually hungry for within an hour after waking up. My breakfasts usually involve some form of protein, healthy fats, and fruits or veggies. I also sometimes drink coffee (AKA liquid speed), basil tea, or Kombucha if I’m feeling extra feisty.

After breakfast I usually chill out or catch up on Netflix for a bit until I decide I really need to head back into my room to get ready.

Essential Oils


I invested in an essential oil diffuser earlier this month and I am so happy that I finally did. I’d been lusting after one forever and I finally said “screw iiiit treat yo’self 2017!“. Yup. I think it was the first good decision I made this year because I have not been able to stop using it. Hooray me.

In the mornings while I get ready I like to load it up with a blend of the sweet orange & peppermint oils — the smell is amazing and energizing and it really helps to wake me up!

Get Ready


Because of my schedule, I’ve kind of been forced to work out in the mornings. I’ve always been a nighttime gym person so it’s been a bit of a struggle, but I’m getting used to it.

So  after getting high on essential oils I quickly slip into my workout clothes, put on a bit of makeup if I think there will be cute trainers at the gym (hehee), and pack my gym bag.

Then off I go! Morning routine over.

———- ❤︎ ———-

And that is it! My morning routine has been working for me these past few weeks and I am very comfortable with it, but life is crazy and beautiful and equally unpredictable. You never know when it might throw curveballs at you to make everything change.

…Like, I don’t know. I could run out of avocado one morning or something. Terrifying, I know. But let’s not talk about that.

Until next time,


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