Valentine’s Day Hair, Makeup, & Outfit

I want…to nail you
– The hammer

———- ❤︎ ———-

I know what you’re thinking. “Ugh. Another Valentine’s Day post?”

Trust me, I know. I don’t really have an explanation as to why I’m doing this other than the fact that I love it. There. I said it. I love Valentine’s Day and I have no shame in admitting it. It’s disgusting. Bleh.

I sometimes like to joke to my friends about the fact that I don’t have any feelings. But after they see this post, the borderline sociopathic reputation I’ve been trying hard to build these past few years will be destroyed. Everyone will get to see the real, mushy me. And you know what? It will be worth it. I love V-day and I’m proud. 

Having said that, I actually don’t have a valentine this year. Awkward. But that doesn’t mean I can’t dress up and enjoy myself! Spend it with your family or friends and have a “Galentine’s day” ladies. We’re strong, independent women who don’t need no men. 

Here is the Valentine’s Day look I came up with.

———- ❤︎ ———-untitled


Valentine’s Day is aaall about the X’s and O’s, so you can’t really do it without a red lip now can you? Pucker up!

I wanted this look to be centered around my lips so I tried to keep the rest of my makeup simple. I applied primer, foundation, and concealer (click here to see the products I used!) and then moved on to the rest of my face. 


I started out by applying my eyeshadow; just a layer or two of ‘Combust‘ on the Naked Smokey Palette by Urban Decay. I then did a winged liner with my Nyx Cosmetics Vinyl Liquid Liner and finished my eyes off with lashes and mascara. 

Because I wanted a bit more color on my cheeks I used the Glaze stick blush by Maybelline in ‘Make Mouve‘ and finally moved on to my lips. I started out by filling them in with the Smart Lip Pencil by Kiko Milano in ‘Classic Red‘ and then applied the Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Color in ‘Rum Riche‘. I am amazed at how well these two products look when used together — this combo is probably one of my favorites!



I decided to keep the hair look fun, flirty, and simple with some soft curls. I used  a 1″ barrel to curl the ends of my hair in random strands — some thicker, some thinner — to make them look both natural and touchable. (I actually don’t know why I just used the word ‘touchable’ but let’s roll with it. Hair fetish?).

I then brushed my hair to soften the curls and finished off the look with some hairspray.



And last but certainly not least, the outfit. I wanted to go for something casual enough that I could wear to get coffee with friends but nice enough that I could wear out at night. As soon as I saw this blouse, I fell absolutely in love with it! 

I would pair this with black pumps or with tights and booties depending on where I’m going, and do NOT be afraid to accessorize, ladies! Sometimes accessories really do make the outfit. 

———- ❤︎ ———-

And that is it! I hope you enjoyed this look and as always, thank you for reading. I hope you have a great rest of your weekend and a wonderful week ahead. Happy Valentine’s! 

Until next time,


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