My Skin Care Routine

Man…I regret taking such good care of my skin.
– No One. Ever.

———- ❤︎ ———-

If there is something I have learned seven weeks into 2017, it is that self care is an amazing thing to embrace. My 2017 resolution of taking better care of myself in all aspects – body, heart, and mind – has certainly taught me that.

And now that spring and warmer weather are just around the corner, it seems especially fitting for me to talk about skin health. Because what better way is there to prepare for lighter fabrics and those cute off-the-shoulder tops than by working towards skin that is glowy, dewy, and just plain killer?

Here is the skin care routine I have been following as of late. Enjoy!

———- ❤︎ ———-

  1. Dry Brush. If you still haven’t introduced dry brushing into your daily routine, you should give it some serious consideration. Doing it for just a few minutes a day can provide you with considerable benefits that run far deeper than your skin.

On the outside, dry brushing unclogs pores and removes dead skin cells, making the skin both smoother (sayonara, cellulite) and softer. On the inside, it stimulates the lymphatic system and increases blood circulation, both of which promote detoxification.


Sooo…how is it done? It’s simple! Invest in a high-quality brush made with natural bristles; they should be firm but not overly so. (Try your local Whole Foods or other health food stores!) Starting from your feet, gently brush the skin in long strokes going towards your heart. Then brush your arms, your chest, your torso, and your back — always going towards the heart.

Your skin should be light pink and ticklish when you’re done — not red or irritated. Brush with CARE, ladies.


2. Exfoliate. Exfoliation has very similar benefits to dry brushing, but it is not something I do on a daily basis. I guess it is more of a…”man, I’m feeling so feisty today” kind of thing. There are so many ways to exfoliate and so many products out on the market that it is virtually impossible to not find one that you like. And worse comes to worst, you can always go old school and simply use raw Turbinado sugar or sea salt.

I have personally chosen to use some fancy schmancy scrub made with moroccan Argan oil and Dead Sea salt that smells absolutely heavenly. What I like about it most is probably that the oil leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and makes for a great base on which I can later apply my self tanner.


3. Moisturize. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Our skin is our biggest organ and it is constantly working to protect our bodies and aid in the detoxification process. Keeping your skin hydrated will keep it vibrant and happy, not to mention it is honestly the least you could do for it.

I have used many different body lotions and butters throughout the years but I have found that coconut oil is what works best for me. Applying a little bit all over my body (including my face) after every time I shower seems to do the trick.


4. Self Tan. I don’t always self tan, but when I do, I go organic.

Okay that was bad. But seriously, I do. I was “blessed” with, not fair, but pale AF skin. And despite the fact that I live 5 minutes away from the beach – by foot – I am never tan. Ever. It’s sad, really. My family members even comment on it sometimes. “Geez Paola, go get some sun no wonder you’re single“. Ughhh no grandma I already told you! I’m single because I’m a psycho.


There are many reasons as to why I choose to not lay under the sun, the main one being I just don’t make time for it. Sun damage comes in as a close second. But I do, however, like to sport a nice tan every once in a while, and that’s where self tanner comes in.

I used to stay away from these because most tanning products either contained formaldehyde & other toxic chemicals, or, (and excuse me) they smelled like ass.


But I finally found the one. I’ve been using Beauty by Earth’s self tanner for a couple of weeks now, and let me tell you! This thing is a life saver. It’s made with sensible, all-natural ingredients; does not smell; and creates a very natural-looking tan that looks nothing like the bad spray tan I got when I was in college. (Hint: I spilled carrot juice on my arm once and couldn’t even see it. True story.)

5. Nourish Yourself. And last but certainly not least, learn to take care of your skin from the inside out. Eating plenty of fruit & vegetables and drinking a lot of water is one of the easiest ways to care for your skin.The good news? The healthier your skin looks, the more confident you’ll feel. Trust me.

———- ❤︎ ———-

Until next time,


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