24th Birthday

“Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know”
Pema Chodron

———- ❤︎ ———-


This body of mine had carried me through 23 years of life in this world, and this past Thursday marked year number 24. It’s weird how the day in itself didn’t seem to hold that much significance to me this time around; or at least not as much as it has other years.

I think this is one of the few birthdays I’ve had where I haven’t stopped to reflect on the 365 days past, where I haven’t had some fancy birthday celebration with friends, where I have felt like change is actually present. I feel like the day basically came and went and I didn’t even notice.

The funny thing is, so much change took place during this past year. So much. For starters, there are people who are no longer in my life that were before, but there are also new souls that have walked in to take their place. I moved into a new apartment, I am pursuing a career that never in a million years I thought I was going to go for, I am much more in tune with myself and with who I am, and I am genuinely happier.

And yet I feel like nothing has changed. It’s all business as usual over here, and somehow I like that. I find comfort in knowing that for once in my life, I am not worrying about the future, nor am I living in the past. I am simply, here. Present. Happy with myself, with where I am, and with who I am deciding to share my time with.

So here’s to the next 365 days of my life. May they be full of adventure, may they challenge me, may they bring me new victories, may they take me to new places, and may they bring me a lot of joy.

This month we celebrate Pisceans everywhere. Below is a playlist inspired by our characteristic imaginative and dream-like state of mind. All songs were either written, sung, or inspired by people who, just like me, are whimsical Pisces fishies. Enjoy.

Until next time,


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