Head Over [Glitter] Heels


Glitter accessories are a no-brainer during the holidays. This past December, I went crazy over them — no regrets, no shame.

I like to think I’m a simple girl, but for some reason, this holiday season I chose to not limit myself with my glitter. I soon realized that damn, glitter was messy. A few days into December, and there was already glitter on my bed, glitter in my hair, glitter in my boyfriend’s car, glitter on my eyelids, glitter…everywhere.

It basically came to the point where my mom would know if I had been in the house just because of the trails of glitter I’d leave behind in the living room. Quite the experience.

But, once the holiday fun was over, I realized I’d ended up with a couple of pairs of glitter heels in my closet that I had no idea what to do with. Store them until next Christmas? Mmmm…nah. However, whenever I tried wearing them out in the midst of January, they always seemed a bit…much.

Glitter is bold, there’s no doubt about that. And in a way, glitter is like…coffee. A cup or two a day are fine, but too much of it and you’ll probably get crippling anxiety and swear you’re seeing noises and hearing colors. It must be respected!

Wearing glitter post-holidays without having it look like total overkill simply entailed that I had to build my outfit around the heels and not the other way around. As long as the outfit was plain & simple, I’d be good to go. So that’s what I’ve been doing, and surprisingly, it’s been working out. There has not been a time I have worn these heels that I haven’t gotten compliments on them.

I also realized glitter heels can be quite versatile and fun to experiment with. I actually wore this outfit to class one day (!!) and though I have yet to master the art of walking around in high heels gracefully, they looked great. They’re very easy to dress down or up and I think they’d look killer in just jeans and a hoodie.

Happy glitter(ing)!

Until next time,

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