Happy Wednesday!


Happy hump day, happy summer, happy everything. It seems that the last time I posted on here was January — damn. A huge sorry to my blog for leaving it here to collect *cybernetic* dust for five months. Whoops. I have no excuses for my absence other than the fact that these last few months were a roller coaster for me. I gave the whole “let’s have a healthy balance between work, school, and social life” thing a try and fabulously failed at it. Eh, no shame. I made it through.

So many things have happened since I was last on here. For starters, I’m a short-haired blonde now. Yep. I feel like this is the haircut I’ll look back on in 5 years that will make me go, “really, bro?“. Ladies, you know the one. Some days I hate it, some days I don’t. It’s a work in progress.

My boyfriend took a look at it one morning and said I looked like a blonde David Bowie, so there’s that. Gotta love an open, honest, and sincere man. The sad part? I kinda see it. Guess I know what I’ll be next Halloween.

I am making it a summer goal to be more active on here, and I will make sure it happens. It’s time I gave this blog some much needed TLC. I am excited to be back and to see more of you!

Until next time,


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