What I Ate/Did in Orlando

Happy Monday!

I hope your weekends were fun. Mine? Let’s just say it is noon as I am writing this and I still don’t feel fully awake. I didn’t even do anything — just work and go into hibernation mode with my boyfriend and his lovin’ kitty, Luna. It seems like I figured it out: the more I relax on weekends, the more tired I feel the week after. This is being 25.

But I digress! Today I’d like to do a little recap of the places I visited during my trip to Florida last week, which was short, sweet, and busy. It’s always strange going back to a place that used to be home for many years and having to look at it through the lens of a tourist. Miami is a place that I hold very dear to my heart and that I will always consider a second home, and though I do not actually miss it, it is always bittersweet going back.


I was also in Orlando for a couple of days prior to being in Miami, which I will focus on in this post. It was my first time exploring the actual city as I’d gone many times before but had never actually left the Disney World area, so that was nice. I also had the opportunity to go to Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour concert (I might have planned this trip around it), so all in all it was a fun few days.

Below is a list of the places I went to in Orlando that I absolutely recommend if you’re ever there!



  1. Pig Floyd’s Urban Barbakoa, Orlando, FL – Probably one of the best BBQ places I have ever eaten at. It is an interesting mix of Asian and Cuban cuisines — I had the pulled pork bento box and would have it again a dozen more times. Very casual, chill environment.
  2. Se7en Bites, Orlando, FL – My sister brought me here on my first morning after I told her to take me to her favorite breakfast place in town. It was packed! The place specializes in classic, southern comfort foods with a modern twist that fueled us for a long day at the Universal Studios theme parks. Hint: Try the grits — they were to die for.
  3. El Buda, Orlando, FL – Kind of hidden away in Downtown Orlando, El Buda specializes in Latin-Asian cuisine. It is kind of on the pricier side but absolutely worth it if you want to treat yourself to a creative and different meal.
  4. Valisa Bakery, Orlando, FL – An authentic Puertorican bakery; perfect for fast, delicious, and cheap food.



  1. SportsTown Billiards, Orlando, FL – Your usual sports bar with a little arcade thrown into the mix. It had several rooms for board games, pool tables, and air hockey. The atmosphere was fun and the music was good. Note: They only sell beer and wine from a tap, so be prepared for that if you’re not a beer drinker!
  2. Iron Cow, Orlando, FL – This place is gorgeous. Though it is not expensive, it gave me more of a fancy/upscale vibe. They have live music and great drinks.

Until next time,


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