Fall 2018 Fashion Trends

Alright guys, don’t get me wrong: Puerto Rico is my home – my beautiful little island – and I absolutely love it. But seeing as I don’t really have the *privilege* of being able to experience seasonal weather changes, I can’t really partake in everything that sweater weather fashion has to offer.

So while it is true that I can’t go crazy with the layers and the boots this season unless I want to melt into oblivion, I will not be stopped from experimenting with all the beautiful pieces fall 2018 will have to offer.

Here are the top 10 clothing trends to look out for this fall. Enjoy!

  1. Westworld – The cowboy/cowgirl aesthetic was all over the runway during fashion month and I am here for it! This trend includes a lot of leather, fringe, and suede pieces. Incorporate this look into your wardrobe by adding studded button downs, wide-brimmed hats, buckle belts, and cowboy boots (or booties)!


2. Back to the Future – With holographic materials, clear plastics, and metallic silver pieces, the futuristic trend is one of the boldest trends this season. Go full-on reflective with shiny bags, shoes, and jewelry!


3. 80’s Revival – Countering the futuristic aesthetic, the 80s trend will also be present this fall. Broad shoulder dresses and suits, electric colors, loud patterns, and baggy styles will make it a lot of fun to experiment with clothing this season.


4. Into the Wild – Hello, faux! Animal prints have never really gone away, but this fall it seems like snake skin, zebra, and leopard print will be taking over. What I love the most about this trend is that it is very versatile and can be worn in whatever way — go as loud or as muted as you want to.


5. Neon – Though neon colors are usually reserved for the spring and summer, this fall they’re making an appearance in fall fashion items. Bright yellow coats, neon pink boots, and bright green scarves will make for fun and unexpected outfits.


6. Clueless Vibes – Plaid is usually always on trend during the fall, but this year, it will be taking over in bright, loud colors. Find it on jackets, coats, and skirts to get that playful, schoolgirl look.


7. Little House on the Prairie – I am in looove with these pieces! This trend is characterized by very flowy, soft, romantic dresses in sheer and neutral tones.


8. Shear Delight – Probably not a trend I will be partaking in this year, but shearling coats and fur accessories are back in a big way this year, many of them having a very vintage-y feel.


9. Go Oversize or Go Home – Big puffer jackets and boyfriend-style coats were all over the the runway this year. Anything that will give you a massive silhouette fits into this category — your own personal cocoon.


10. Reds, Whites, Brown – As for the color trends this season, it looks like head-to-toe brown, red, and white looks will be taking over. This will give way to earthy clothing styles and monochromatic looks.


all photos retrieved from Vogue.com

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