My Favorite Fall Blooms

As of the 23rd of this month, Fall season has officially been upon us! Congratulations, ladies. We’ve made it. My room has been smelling of pumpkin spice since early September and I’ve already decorated it for Halloween, so you can say I’ve been ready for a while. I can’t wait for October to get here so I can finally justify it all. But I digress.

I thought I’d kick off this wonderful season with a post on the blossoms that will be available during this time. Fall flowers are the tangible representation of harvest; as you will see below, arrangements usually include a plethora of vegetable, grain, and fruit branches. Not only does this give bouquets a unique look, but it also gives them the ability to bestow any environment with a rustic feel.

Note: If you would like to enjoy seasonal flowers but do not live near a flower market, BloomsByTheBox has great options that can be shipped to you. 

Now let’s get to it, Becky!

Burgundy dahlias, cinnamon spice garden roses, and sunflowers are amongst the most common flowers this season. Garden roses are usually available year-round, so I like to include these in my bouquets during the fall by going for dark reds and oranges.

For a more rustic look, definitely consider raw cotton branches, willow eucalyptus, wheat, or brown amaranthus. These pair well with dark flowers, but consider showing them off on their own — they’re gorgeous.

Privet berries, pomegranate/artichoke/persimmon branches, dry corn husks, or brunia berries are a great way to include fruits & veggies in an arrangement! You could potentially even find these at a farmer’s market. Go HAM on the veggies and fruit when plant shopping this fall — I think they might be my favorite this season.

Finally, you could also include ferns, succulents, or dusty miller to compliment your bouquets. Although they are not classic fall plants, they are easy to find year-round and can add unexpected but fun twists to any fall arrangement.

Happy harvesting!

Until next time,


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