Trick-or-[Treat Yo’self]

Autumn is the season that teaches us that change can be beautiful.

As the month of October comes to its inevitable end, I can’t help but feel an air of nostalgia wash over me. October is considered to be the most powerful spiritual month of the year; a time to delve deep into our inner spiritual selves and embrace change in all shapes and forms. On a personal level, I am beyond pleased with everything this month dragged into – and out of – my life.

It was a magical few weeks full of self-discovery and grounding. I started using the Tarot as a gateway to inner guidance, as well as viewing the Moon as a powerful tool to aid in the manifestation of goals or dreams. I don’t mean to get sappy, but this month taught me how to better be in touch with myself and my intentions.

As a way to honor all the good this month brought to my life, I decided to take a little “Spooky”-themed pamper/meditation session last night. Shoutout to Lush Cosmetics for their wonderful Halloween collection — thank you for helping make my black bath water dreams come true!

So this Halloween, I hope to inspire you to throw on a black face mask, light some fall candles, turn up the acoustics, and get witchy. Honor your life and send gratitude out into the Universe; then, watch it send it right back.



Happy Haunting!

Until next time,


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