A Tropical Christmas Eve

Happy Holidays!

IMG_1902I have always envisioned living somewhere where I could spend the holidays cooped up in a cabin amongst snow, cold weather, and warm blankets. Because, duh — what could possibly be better than snuggling up by the fire reading a good book and sipping on a chai latte? According to many of my friends, everything. I disagree.

I grew up on a beautiful little island in the Caribbean and spent my college years in Miami, so spending my Decembers and Januaries surrounded by palm trees, roasted pork, and coconuts has always been the norm. Except for the few holidays here and there where I’ve packed my bags and run off to somewhere cold, it’s always been winter under the sun for me.

Don’t get me wrong — it’s gorgeous here. The holidays in Puerto Rico are warm, lively, and fun. Objectively, I couldn’t ask for more! When I think about all the winter fashion I am missing out on however, well…pass the bubbly, please.


I still like to feel festive however, so I overcompensate with sequins. Give me all the sequins, guys. This past Christmas Eve, that’s exactly what I did. I threw on a sequin romper, put on some black heels, and grabbed the biggest earrings I could find. Voila! Tropical Christmas Tree-status.

I am confident that one day I will be able to spend my holidays in the snow — until then, however, sequins will continue to be my best friend.

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Until next time,



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