Walking Meditation

School’s been out for the summer for about three weeks, and all I have done during that time is meditate and do yoga. Seriously. That is it.

I have been consumed by the worlds of astrology, moonology, tarot cards, crystals, and smudging over the past few months, and I haven’t been able to concentrate on anything else since. I am obsessed guys — and it doesn’t seem like this “spiritual awakening”, as I’ve decided to call this, is ending anytime soon.

I have spent these past few months learning about spirituality and trying out different practices, some of which click with me, others which don’t. Tasseography, the art of fortune-telling by reading tea leaves? …I think I’ll pass. Energies, vibrations, alignment with the highest self, and meditation? I have never resonated with anything more. 


If I have learned one thing about the latter, it is that meditation is hard. Attempting to quiet my racing mind is a task that I’d always thought to be impossible. Furthermore, laying completely still for extended periods of time can actually give me anxiety, so I have started incorporating movement into my meditations for now.

Walking meditations have been my favorite as of late. I’ve gotten into the habit of going for walks first thing in the morning — right after I wake up. I usually play soft music and try to be mindful of my breathing and my walking. I usually zone out and become mindful of my surroundings; the sights, the sounds, and the sensations. Sometimes I’ll bring a journal and stop for a minute to jot down any thoughts or feelings I feel like releasing — no judgement.

When’s the last time you went for a walk?

Until next time,


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