Slay the Rest of 2019: The Summer Solstice

I only have one question for you:
Are your thoughts providing you with a life that you love?


Wait — before you answer, let me hit you with some astrology facts (stay with me) because who would I be if I didn’t? I’d be 2018 Paola.

Nothing was wrong with her she just wasn’t tapped in yet. She did always answer her own rhetorical questions though and that was a bit annoying, but — oh wait. See, mom? I’m still here!

Anyways, the Summer Solstice is celebrated tomorrow in the Northern Hemisphere! To me, the solstice is pretty exciting because it marks a couple of things:

  • the “official” start of the summer season,
  • the longest day of the year (meaning the sun will both rise earlier and set later than on any other day this year), and
  • the kind reminder that we are officially halfway through the year.

Yeah, you read that right. We are already six months into 2019, meaning we are ONLY six months away from 2020 (yay, math). That’s…insane.

If you ask me, it’s the perfect time to start checking in with ourselves in terms of where we are at in our lives and where we are heading. It is time to look at the bigger picture and start making the necessary changes to make sure we are yielding as much as we can from 2019, so that our 2020 selves can thank us.

Newsflash: it is never too late to shift your energy or to shift your life. You can make a change right now — right this instant. If 2019 has been hard for you, why has that been? What can you control? You can choose to leave a dead-end job, an unhealthy lifestyle, a toxic mindset, or an unsatisfying relationship at any moment.

Okay. You may now answer the question:
Are your thoughts providing you with a life you love?

What does a life that you love even look like? If you woke up tomorrow and all of your problems had disappeared, what would that look like?

Are you spending your energy on the right things, the right people? Who in your life needs to go? What bad habits or negative patterns do you need to say goodbye to?

How many times are you going to beg him or her for attention? The same amount of times you ignore your own?

(Gotcha that was like seven questions).

Happy Summer Solstice — here’s hoping you surround yourself with abundance, light, love, passion, and power. Better yet, I hope you discover that you already have all of those things within you.



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